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Bold Stripe -Printed Fabric (Lighter)


Limited edition hand printed fabric.
Designed and made in Australia.
1)BS12-canary /white /300gsm
2)BS1-black /white /300gsm
3)BS6-red /white /300gsm

100% Cotton

Stripe Width = 10cm
Sold by the metre.
1 purchase = 1 metre
Fabrics sold through our shop
are 200 & 300gsm. See end of
fabric titles for weights.
Order Other Weights:
195gsm: linen/cotton blend(light)
200gsm:100% Cotton (medium)
300gsm:100% Cotton (heavy)
Fabric Widths: 145-147cm
Care Instructions are listed on
swatch samples & attached to
delivery pack slip.If you do not receive
these labels please contact us
Swatch samples are available to
wholesale customers only.

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